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During my second year at The Game Assembly,

as we were building our own Engine, audiosystems were something I was very interested in developing. With most, if not all of my previous projects in my first year, Audio and Sound often fell by the wayside in favor of other features.

Thus, I decided to make my own audiosystem.

With FMOD's core API as a base, I initially implimented basic features during our first second-year project. Having to balance both that and my other responsibilities, it proved to be a challenge to work equally on both.

Although the first iterations of features such as loading the audio into the engine were noticeably rough, later iterations helped me smooth things out considerably. 

I was given much more time to work on the audiosystem during our second project, as it would require the implimentation of 3D audio, and all the supplementary systems that such an addition would bring. 

Given hindsight, my biggest regret regarding my work on my audiosystem has been my choice to stick with FMOD's Core API, rather than implimenting the much more user-friendly FMOD Studio. 

Having the ability to edit sounds inside my own engine and much more inherent flexibility regarding their use in our games would have saved me alot of headaches.

Working with FMOD's Core API did lend me a greater understanding of how programming audiosystems on a more base level could be done though.  

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